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 Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot.

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Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Empty
PostSubject: Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot.   Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Icon_minitimeSun Jun 27, 2010 8:16 pm

Hi Laydees!

So I got talking to Lene about doing a Coldplay oneshot. I had no plot, no clue what I was going to write but she forced me into it Sad Laugh Laugh Laugh Anyway, I decided I go ahead with the silly and plotless oneshot figuring Lene might be the only one who reads it anyhow!

This is for you Lene, I hope you enjoy it Grin

Slight PM part between the Blush

Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face

Lene had been looking forward to her trip to London ever since she had clicked confirm whilst booking her flight online. That had been four long months ago and almost every day she had thought about passing by the studio where Coldplay would be hard at work, known to devoted fans like herself as The Beehive. Her first few days in town had been spent wandering round the busy London streets, taking a trip on one of the open top tourist buses and getting a bird’s eye view of the city from the London Eye. Finally Thursday came and she’d just about plucked up enough courage to decide today was the day she’d pass by The Beehive, she didn’t expect to actually see any of them but thought it would be just as exciting to pass by where all the magic happened. She was so excited about the fact she would see the place where the band were now working on their fifth album, where ideas and sounds were being put together to make something that would have many a fan whooping and singing along when tour time came around. In her mind she could Picture Guy Berryman inside, playing his bass; she could see the movement of his hips, the look of concentration on his face that sometimes people mistook for him looking moody. She could see Chris Martin playing a demo of a song and looking up to find Will Champions face looking back at him and realising Will thought the song was no good. “Oh Will!” she thought, remembering how Chris had once said in an interview Will had thought Clocks was rubbish to begin with.

Getting up that morning, the sky had looked dark and later as she had stepped out of the tube station, the heavens opened.
“Great!” she mumbled to herself, putting up her umbrella and realising that one of the spokes was broken, she hoped it would at least hold out until the rain stopped. It had been gorgeous weather since she had arrived, why had this had to happen today?! Getting out her Google map that had been folded neatly in her pocket, she started to follow the route. All the time looking around her on the off chance that she would see someone, telling herself not to be silly she checked the map again and made sure she was going the right direction. Reaching the end of the road she could see The Beehive up ahead, suddenly she felt nervous and like she was intruding. Maybe she should just leave again? She had also come this way with the intention of walking to Hampstead Heath; she wanted to see the views over the city. Looking round she noticed that the rain had stopped and quickly put down her umbrella, rolling it back up and placing its strap round her wrist. As she walked on she noticed a little shop next to where the studio was and decided she’d go in and get a drink and a chocolate bar. Her throat was dry and well, there was no excuse for the chocolate other than the fact she was craving some! Again, even when she was in the tiny shop she kept looking around, she wondered if Guy came in here to buy his cigarettes or if the others came in for sweets or snacks. Noticing how narrow the aisles were her mind drifted and imagined Guy walking in, saying excuse me in that soft Scottish accent as he wanted to pass by. Their bodies would brush past each other, so close she’d be able to inhale his scent. Hearing a noise brought her back from her day dream and looking over to the door she realised it was an old lady. Sighing, she picked up a drink and some chocolate, paying for it and then heading back outside. Now was the time she had to decide. Turn right and wander past the beehive, carry on walking and eventually get to Parliament Hill or go back the way she came and just be glad that she’d seen the place which was like the Holy Grail to her? What harm was there in walking past, she wasn’t going to start banging on the door pretending she had a reason to get inside, her mind was made up and turning right she started to walk past the first part of the building. All the time trying to look around but not make it look obvious. Laughing to herself she imagined the guys inside, seeing her pass by and rolling their eyes at the fact another fan was passing by trying not to make it look obvious, she wondered if they got annoyed people knew where they were, and guessed it was one of the pitfalls of having a permanent studio that was a few hundred yards from where their last studio had been. Approaching the end of the first part of the building a figure caught her eye, they were standing on the steps. One hand was fitted snugly into a dark denim pocket and a couple of his long bass playing fingers on the other appeared to be loosely wrapped around a cigarette.

Suddenly as if her brain registered what she might be seeing, she glanced back over her shoulder and wondered what to do. Say something or carry on walking? It felt like she had taken ages to decide but in a split second she had turned and opened her mouth.

“I hope you guys are working hard in there!” she commented with a smile. You guys, why had she said that?! His name was Guy, I’m sure he hadn’t heard that before! He looked up and nodded, his eyes squinting slightly from the sun which had now appeared.

“New album on the way soon yeah?” She tried again and much to her disappointment, once again he nodded and took another drag of his cigarette. Thinking on her feet she reached into her pocket and pulled out a cigarette.

“Could you give me a light please?” she asked, placing the cigarette between her fingers and holding out in his direction.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter, his thumb grazing along the wheel causing a spark. The flame lit Lene’s cigarette and then he put it back in his pocket, still no words were spoken. She couldn’t tell from the look on his face if he was annoyed that she had spoken to him while he was having a break or if he was in a bad mood. She had heard from some other fans he could be shy but his actions didn’t seem to be due to shyness.

“Thank you”

With one last smile she carried on walking and mentally kicked herself for not trying harder but she couldn’t turn back now. Then again, it had been a pretty one sided conversation and if he wanted to be left alone she wasn’t going to stand there and pester him! Maybe he’d be there again or one of the others would later when she had to go back to the tube station, she didn’t know the area well and didn’t know of any other way to get back.

Guy stubbed out his cigarette and went back inside.

“You know, I told you we should have moved further when we were looking for a new studio, there was another fan out there, what do I have to do to smoke in peace?!”

“Stop being a moody bastard! You seem to be in one piece, so what’s the problem man?” Chris asked, looking up from the piano.

“She asked me for a light for her cigarette!”

“Wow, you’re right we should go somewhere where terrible things like that don’t happen” Chris sniggered.

“I’m getting changed and going for a run, I need to get out of here for a bit!” he grumped, and 10 minutes later he was changed and running out the door of The Beehive and heading for Hampstead Heath. Guy came here a lot to run and it was a place he could think and forget about everything else going on in his life.

Lene had reached Hampstead Heath and found a bench not too far inside the gate. She had stopped to answer her phone, chatting briefly to her friend. A few minutes later she was back on the path that led to Parliament Hill, the park was busy. A group of school kids were being shown something by their teacher. People were walking their dogs or jogging. Just as she was starting to enjoy the walk the heavens opened again and this time her umbrella wouldn’t go up, it was broken. Taking shelter under the nearest tree she hoped it would stop soon. She had been texting her friend, finishing it and slipping the phone back in her pocket she glanced up, the person running glanced up too and for a split second she thought it looked like Guy. A cap was pulled down low over his face, and he had a waterproof jacket on, the collar pulled up. She watched his bum and the muscles in his legs as he carried on running, it was a bonus he was wearing shorts. The movement of the muscles in his thighs every time his foot touched the ground had her mesmerised. When he was almost out of sight she realised it couldn’t have been Guy, she’d only seen him a short while ago at the studio. The rain showed no sign of stopping and she decided today wasn’t a good day to admire the view of London from Parliament Hill. Hurriedly she made her way back to the tube station, looking like a drowned rat. In some ways she wished she hadn’t seen Guy at all, she’d expected him to be nice, friendly and what she got had been very different. Never meet your idol was a phrase that sprang to mind. On the other hand, everyone had off days and maybe that was it, she’d caught him on a bad day. Making her way back to her hotel to shower and dry off, she got straight onto Facebook to tell the rest of the Berrygirls, as the Guy fan girls were officially known, of her encounter earlier on in the afternoon.

The following day the sun was out once again and as Lene had no other plans she decided she’d give Parliament Hill another go, the views would surely be good today! Going on Google maps she printed off another route for her to get there, she didn’t want to pass by The Beehive again incase Guy was there and thought she was a stalker or something. It was around 12 noon by the time her bum was parked on a bench at the top of Parliament Hill. Getting out her camera she took some pictures, it had certainly been worth the walk to get here, surely this had to be the best view of the city there was? From St Pauls Cathedral to the London Eye, to Regents Park, the Roundhouse and beyond. As she got a bit snap happy and continued to capture the scenery around her she noticed someone sit on a bench a little to her left. Their head seemed to be bobbing up and down to whatever was coming from their earphones. This time even with the cap pulled down she was sure it was him. Slowly getting up she started to walk away, having to pass by where he was sat. She kept her head down and concentrated really hard on the Arctic Monkeys track that was blasting from her iPod.

“You again?!”

She looked up to see him looking at her, a disgruntled look on her face.

“Sorry?” she asked, reaching into her pocket and to press pause on her iPod.

“Don’t act stupid, you saw me yesterday! Wasn’t that enough?”

“Excuse me but as far as I’m aware this is a public park! I came here to look at the view over the city, it’s not my fault you happen to be sat there and I think you’ll find I was sat over there before you were here!”

“Oh so you have been watching me then?”

“No! I looked up and saw you sitting there; I’ve been minding my own business and taking pictures! And after yesterday why would I want to see you again? You weren’t exactly friendly!! Anyway, I’ll be going now!”

He reached out and grabbed her arm, his long fingers pulling her back towards him.

“I’m sorry for being off with you, it’s just difficult sometimes” he sighed and looked up as she sat down next to him.

“Go on” she nodded.

“There are some fans that don’t seem to be happy with all the press, promo, concerts, albums etc that we do. They always want a bit more. I guess when people come to the studio I feel like they’re stepping into our private time and that’s when I want to be me, not Guy from Coldplay.” The soft lilt of his accent made her heart melt a little; it had been one of the things that first attracted her to him.

“Doesn’t Chris get most of the attention anyway, most of the people I know who like Coldplay wouldn’t know you to see if you stood in front of them playing bass and singing Viva La Vida!” Lene chuckled.

“That’s true and I quite like it that way. I feel sorry for Chris at times but he deals with it in his own way and that’s fine. I didn’t get into a band to be famous you know, well I wanted us to be successful but when it comes to the fans...it’s not that I don’t appreciate them, they put us where we are. Sometimes I feel nervous; I don’t know what to say or how to act”

“Sometimes it comes over as you being a miserable bugger though, or being moody! Don’t get me wrong, I quite like moody Guy but not when I’m trying to be polite and have a conversation. I saw you yesterday and didn’t want to walk off kicking myself for not speaking to you; I wish I hadn’t bothered now!”

“Yesterday was a bad day. I’d had an argument with Chris in the morning and...It was a rubbish day, not that that’s a good excuse.”

“Well you seem to be nice enough today and you’ve explained so you’re forgiven. I never hold a grudge, especially against hot people. Can I just tell you, I love your accent...it’s to die for” Lene swooned, and then blushed at what she’d said.

“Oh really? Maybe we need to chat some more then” he smiled at her, the furrowed brows and moodiness fading away.

“I might see you around at a gig or something; I’ve yet to have my first live Coldplay experience!”

“How about by way of apology I take you back to The Beehive, show you around. Depends on what’s going on we might even be able to give you your first live experience”

“Really?” she almost squealed, not quite believing how her luck had changed.

They walked back to The Beehive chatting about various things. He asked where Lene was from, her accent making it obvious she wasn’t from London. She told him about being a student and her now living in Copenhagen. He remembered some record shop or other he had visited there when passing through with the band.

“I remember buying some amazing vinyls for my jukebox, don’t remember much else really. We played a gig and then left, not much time for sightseeing!”

“Oh well there’s some really interesting sights if you’re into history and stuff, worth putting a few hours aside for. Then again, I guess you don’t get much time to see any of the cities you play in!”
hey had reached the beehive. Guy got to the door and punched in the code to unlock the door, letting Lene step inside. Looking up she Jonny stood in front of her.

“Jonny this is Lene, a friend” Guy said and stepped back allowing Lene to shake his hand.

“Pleased to meet you Jonny, wow this is surreal” she giggled, on the edge of losing the composure which she’d so far managed to keep.

“You too, I’ll offer you a tea or coffee when I get back! There’s no milk I’m off to the shop to get some”

“Oh ok!”

Guy showed her through to a room stuffed full with instruments and equipment that she assumed was for recording etc. Huddled in the corner were Will and Chris, sat at a piano. Will seemed to be shaking his head but Lene thought the melody sounded great. When Guy closed the door, Chris looked up and stopped playing.

“This is Lene” Guy said as he started to walk towards the others, Lene following nervously behind.

She stuck her hand out first shaking Will’s and then Chris’s.

“Wow, I’m so pleased to meet you guys, you’ve got no idea!” she grinned.

“Lene is an interesting name! I assume from your accent you’re not from round here?” Chris questioned. Once again she explained where she was from and why she was in London. By the time this was done Jonny had returned with the milk.

“Jonny boy, just in time! Make the lady a coffee” Chris laughed and watched as Jonny turned, leaving the room muttering under his breath.

“This is so exciting, I never thought I’d get to meet any of you let alone be in here! Don’t give up on whatever that was you were playing a minute ago, it sounded great”

“Will doesn’t like it!” Chris looked at Will and rolled his eyes.

“Yeah but isn’t Will famous for not liking future hits, if you hadn’t released Clocks that would have been a BIG mistake. Believe me!”

“I stand by what I said about that, until bits were added it sounded terrible!” Will protested.

“Lene, can you play the drums? We could fire Will and hire you instead”

“Sadly no and you’ve already fired Will once to find you couldn’t do without him!”

“Exactly, they can’t do without me” Will muttered, standing up and leaving the room.

“Well, you certainly know your Coldplay facts. It’s like you’ve studied it for your chosen subject on Mastermind” Chris laughed, making Lene blush. She thought she’d maybe been too casual with them.

“He’s teasing!” Guy said, turning to Lene. “You’re a fan, there are fans out there who know a hell of a lot more than that, and they know more things than us half the time”

Chris asked how they knew each other, he had never seen Lene before and he was usually good at remembering names, faces. Guy recounted the story from yesterday and today.

“Oh so you’re the girl who committed the offence of asking Guy for a light, he’s very protective of that lighter you know, has it’s own security on tour!” Chris smirked, getting an evil glare from Guy. Lene couldn’t do anything else but laugh and a few minutes later Jonny and Will came back with drinks for everyone.

“So since it looks like we’re officially done for the day, can we do anything to make this a bit more special for you?” Chris asked.

The things she wanted she couldn’t ask for. She felt her cheeks redden and realised Chris was speaking to her.

“Sorry I was gone for a minute then” Lene blushed.

“I was asking if you’d like us to play you something.”

“Ohh!! I would love you to! I don’t know what to pick now” she sat for a moment or two and thought about what to ask for. “I’d love to hear Trouble” she smiled.

“We can’t play that! Haven’t done for ages, it’ll sound shit and the lyrics aren’t up to much either” Chris spoke up.

“You could never sound shit as you so nicely put it. How about Lost then?”

“Can’t do that, Jay Z makes that song listenable our version is just a cheap version of that. It’s the slutty little sister of the Jay Z version!”

“I’ve seen you do this in interviews, always putting down your lyrics, saying stuff is shit. Do you know how annoying that is?”

“I do, my wife tells me off for it all the time but it’s inbuilt now. I always think there are tons of people who are lyrically and musically better”

“You’re damn good and millions of people buy your records, shout it from the rooftops! I would”

“Maybe you’re right, pick something and I promise we’ll play it. I won’t complain”

“Ok, Violet Hill”

Chris turned to the others who had already been prepared to start playing. They had been watching as the exchange between Lene and Chris had unfolded, it was not a discussion that was unusual to them. He nodded and counted in then they were off. Lene couldn’t quite believe she was sat there getting her own private rendition of Violet Hill, who would believe her if she mentioned this had happened?! Her eyes were fixed on one spot, the spot where Guy so effortlessly played his bass. His brow furrowed in concentration but Lene was more drawn to the way his body moved in time with the song. His hips moving slightly but enough for the motion to give Lene some ideas that made her blush again. He looked up and smiled, noticing that she was staring at her. After the song finished she gave them a round of applause and thanked them for an experience which would stay with her for a long time. Rehearsals had been suspended for the day and everyone was heading off home. They all gathered their stuff and trooped out the studio until only Guy and Lene were left. They sat on a sofa in a room at the other end of the corridor, it was really relaxed. Sofas and arm chairs, a few plants dotted around and empty mugs which covered various surfaces in the room, she guessed they came in here if they wanted a break or a chat.

“I hope I’ve made up for being rude earlier” Guy said quietly as he sat himself down next to Lene.

“Hmmm I think I can forgive you, this has been amazing today” she grinned and turned to face him. “Thank you”

“Thank you, you got me off rehearsals earlier than usual” he chuckled.

As they continued looking at each other both of them quiet and suddenly the atmosphere in the room had changed. Lene dropped her head and told herself to get a grip, she needed to think about something else, I mean why would he be interested in her. She felt the light touch of his hand as it tilted her head up so that she was looking at him again, his eyes fixed on her and sent a shiver down her spine. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, opening them again to find Guy less than an inch in front of her. His lips finally covered hers, his hand cupping her face and then going back through her hair. A gentle kiss soon enough turned into a kiss full of lust and need as he pushed her backwards onto the sofa, his whole body covering hers as he started to unzip the hoodie she was wearing.


He kissed her face and moved to her neck, gentle nips and kisses being placed from one shoulder to the other. She let out a contented sigh, part of her was telling her this was wrong and part of her told her to live a little and have some fun.
She was contemplating the situation when Guy’s hands travelled up inside her t shirt and started massaging her breasts through the bra she had on, her nipples were already hard and he’d barely touched her. Quickly she sat up removing her top and bra, before tugging at his t shirt, signalling for him to do the same. A pile of clothes was now forming on the floor. Slowly, tantalisingly he kissed down her stomach and on reaching her jeans, slid the zip down opening them just enough for him to slip his hand inside, rubbing over her lace covered mound. She moaned and ran her hands through his hair, her back arching slightly as he slid the lace to one side and inserted a finger. She gasped a little almost as if she hadn’t been expecting it but she wasn’t complaining. He removed his hands from her and grabbed her jeans and knickers, removing them both and throwing them on the floor. Looking down his head was back between her thighs, two fingers slid into her wetness and the movement along with the fact he had started to lick her clit was driving her crazy, making her moan his name.

“Guy...Oh my God.”

He didn’t look up or make any noises, just carried on his assault until her orgasm swept over her like a wave crashing over a rock. She had only just started to feel her breathing return to normal as Guy kissed her once more, their tongues darting around in each other’s mouths. He had positioned himself so that his tip was just at her entrance and she pushed her hips up leaving him in no doubt what she wanted. His length slid inside stretching her fully, her finger nails dug into his back as he thrust in and out of her. A steady rhythm had built up but Lene wanted more and cries of harder and faster was all that could be heard. Their two bodies were connected and moving as one, the feeling in the room was electric and Lene felt that at this moment in time this was where she was meant to be. Not long after both of them lay panting as they tried to regain some composure.


“Guy that was...”

Before she had a chance to finish her sentence, Guy’s phone rang. Something had happened to his daughter and he was going to have to go. Lene thought she should feel disappointed but really, she felt incredibly lucky! She’d had much more than she’d ever bargained for!

“Can I drop you off somewhere?” he asked, as they gathered their clothes, quickly putting them on.

“No, you better get to where you need to be. I have my Oyster and my map” she grinned.

“Are you sure, I don’t want you to think I’m running out. Shit this is awful timing”

“Don’t worry about it, seriously!” She gave him a caring smile and followed him out the room towards the door of the building. He kissed her gently before opening the door and stepping out onto the street. Just as she gave him one last kiss and a hug, him making sure she’d be ok, Lene was sure she heard a voice call her name.

“Lene!! Is that you?!”

Lene turned round and saw someone walk in her direction.

“Karen? What are you doing here?! Arghhhhh!” She rushed forward and gave her a hug. It was then Karen realised who she was with and her jaw dropped open.

“Sorry Lene but I really need to go” Guy said as politely as he could.

“Ok yeah sorry, you get off and I hope your daughter is ok. This is Karen a friend of mine” Lene smiled as Guy said hello and made small chat for a minute or so before kissing Lene on the cheek.

“So maybe I’ll see you around” he smiled.

“Maybe you will” she nodded and sighed as she watched him walk round the corner and get in his car.

“I...you and Guy...what the hell?!?” Karen almost squealed.

“I’m a bit speechless myself, have you got time for a drink?”

There had been no need to ask and the girls walked further round the street finding a pub, where Lene began to recount the events of the day she would remember for a long time.

The End

Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Kq0cm Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Kzyf6 Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Kq0cm
Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. PbucketGuy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Pbucket
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Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot.   Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Icon_minitimeSun Jun 27, 2010 8:50 pm

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

That was brilliant!

Grumpy Guy! Laugh He was really assuming things weren't he?

Thank god the phone didn't ring before then! Phew Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot

and there you were! Laugh Finally got a non-grumpy Guy huh? Laugh hug

Thank you soooooo much hun! It was ace!!!

Kiss hug Death Hug


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PostSubject: Re: Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot.   Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Icon_minitimeSun Jun 27, 2010 8:52 pm

If you enjoyed it then my work is done Grin Laugh Laugh

Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Kq0cm Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Kzyf6 Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Kq0cm
Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. PbucketGuy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Pbucket
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Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot.   Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot. Icon_minitime

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Guy Put A Smile Upon Her Face - Coldplay Oneshot.
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